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First! Some Rules You NEED to read over


1. Your podcasts will constantly be under review. Your page may be deleted if any graphic or offensive content is posted. 

2. This page is to have fun and listen to some thoughts St. Bede kids might have. 

3. Please enter your school email so we know that you are a St. Bede student and not some poser!

4. If you want any information on your page, just put it in the "any more info" box and we will be on it. 

5. Please limit your podcast times to 20 minutes or less. 

6. When you send your podcast into us, make sure you are still sending it with your student email. ALSO ONLY MP3 DOWNLOADS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

7. Most importantly, listen to other podcasts. You're not the only one on this platform (:

8. If you are a club, one or more members of your group has to attempt to attend the meetings.

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